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making beats

How to add drum beats to Audacity?

I'm a professional https://sikksounds… drum beat maker and I use Audacity to record my guitar compositions. I'd like to add drums to the mix for some very simple demos. I'm not sure how I'd go about doing this. Other software packages (GarageBand, Pro Tools, etc.) might be better for this, but every time I look at something else, the notion of learning how to use it overwhelms me.

Reason. Making beats to music

How would i go about making a beat in reason and trying to match it up to outside music? From what I know you cant bring audio files into reason to just have play and play along to using redrum etc. I have a session in pro tools le that i want to add a beat to but want to be able to make something to it while hearing it. Thanks

Making your own beats

Im saving up for 2 Technic sl1200 mk5's and am debating a mixer between a numark dxm06 and a numark dm1200 any suggestions? I love house and trance but I also enhoy hip/hop beats what kind of stuff would I need alongside these tables? Im also going to wanna venture into the world of scratching. right now i use 2 numark tt1600s and a gemini 2 channel mixer got them for cheap and stuff so decided why not. I would dig any help guys