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mic clip

Good Quality "universal' mic clip

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12 years 4 months
i ran into a situation yesterday where i almost had to compromise audio quality for mic placement, on a snare drum, thankfully it was an almost. but that made me realize the studio doesn't have an adjustable mic clip, that takes the typical mic clip thread. it'd be great to have one in case...

anyone got some suggestions?

Wired clip-on mics mystery

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9 years 9 months
My apologies if this is a stupid question, or already answered many times -I am not sure what exactly to search for. I have a handheld recorder that came with two wired clip-on microphones, intended for interviews. They work perfectly with the recorder. However, when I plug these microphones into a mixer/amplifer (Behringer PMP5000) they don't work at all. I later purchased some more cheap clip-on mics, and they too have the same problem - work fine in handheld, don't work in "real" audio.

Which of these vocal mic clips?

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14 years 11 months

I'm looking to add either a Neumann TLM102, Audio-Technica 4047 or CAD E100S to my mic collection and am torn on which to buy.

I have done some VERY rough clips of these mics along with a couple of other mics I have here (SE Electronics SE2200 Tube and AT4040) and am wondering which would work best on her voice?
She is a mezzo soprano gospel and has a huge dynamic range. She sings from whisper quiet to full on belting.
I've noticed her voice can sound a little sibilant at times.

Mic Clip Thread Standards

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13 years 11 months
No idea where to put this thread... :/

I'd like to see some discussion/point of reference about those screw threads on the end of mic stands which you attach mic clips to.

What are they known as?
What sizes do they come in?
Are there standards?
What about the history?

I'm asking because I have a stand with what appears to be a 11mm thread with no suitable adaptors. The clips I have use what appears to be 15mm and 18mm.

Stands, clips, clamps for micing drums.

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15 years 7 months
I'm getting tired of several of my cheap/makeshift stands - particularly those I'm using for micing drums. I have good stands for overheads and vocal mics, but most of the stands for getting into hard to reach places and old cheap stands that I've hacksawed and jerry-rigged. Time to buy something good and sturdy.

clip on mics... what do YOU think of them

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15 years 8 months
i have an Audix f90 that i'm not terribly happy with. except that i love how tiny it is. i want a different sound though.

is it a thing with small microphones like this? or are there other clip on condensers that do sound better? the f90 lacks high end definition, it's too "smooth".

i need something that functions well for live use and also studio use. i know i know, i want the best of both worlds.

Mic clip to fit DPA stereo boom and CMC5

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15 years 3 months
I've just purchased a DPA UA0837 stereo boom - the one without the mic clips. Now, I didn't know this beforehand, but the sliders on the boom are designed to hold mic clips with a narrow thread (a la the DPA clips)... . The problem is that the sliders have a kind of groove that ensures that only clips with a very narrow base will fit there. I can't, for example, use my RØDE NT5 clips with the thread adapter fitted in... although the adapter's thread is the correct size, the base of the clip is too wide to fit properly on the boom sliders.

Mic clip other than SA 18 for AKG C414?

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15 years 7 months
I have a C414 B-ULS that I've had for a while and I both another (came today) with the hope that they'd be close enough to use as a pair.e came The first one came with a SA 18/3B mic clip. The second came with an H-100 shock mount. So I thought I'd see what another clip cost - WOW - $200 and your first born male child. (Tough luck George Rogers.)

What are you all using for mic clips for C414s?

Are there any studio-worthy clip-on tom mics?

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18 years
I have been using Sennheiser 421's for tom mics since I started recording a few years ago. They're great mics for toms but they're sooooo big and sometimes hard to position depending on the drummer's setup.

My question is, are there any clip-on mics a la Shure Beta 98 or Sennheiser 904 that are good enough for studio recording? I would also be using them for live recordings, another reason why I'd like to find something a little less cumbersome than the 421.