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micing pipe organ

Micing Pipe Organ (+ others Instruments)

Hello everybody,

I'm relatively new to the recording world... Since years I'm an enthusiast audiophile but I never delve into the recording world.
I'm also a professional musician, play both organ (pipe organ and hammond organ) and piano.

I'd like to buy a couple of mics to record primarly pipe organs (I think omnis would be the best choice with the complete frequency range of pipe organs [lower C at 16Hz with 32 feet pipes] and also capable of the huge dynamic range of the instrument) but also capable of recording grand pianos and hammond organs.

Schoeps, Neumann and MH ULN-8 on pipe organ


Very long time since I last wrote here, but now I'm back with my organ recordings. :)

Doing preparation for a pipe organ recording. So I went and tested some Schoeps CMC6 and CMC5, with capsule MK 2S and MK3. Neumann KM130 and all audio through the Metric Halo ULN8. What do you think about sound and the first impression of the recording?

There are two test recordings, improvisation and a Bach piece!

Oh well, I know it's only mp3. :whistle:



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