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micing string quartets

Recording A String Quartet with Rode M5 in X/Y Coincident

This demonstration of the Rode M5 sounds pretty good.

I've own this RODE M5 kit and found them to be a great price but a bit metallic sounding. I tried them through a variety of tube pre's which helped soften the sound but still wasn't overly happy with the sound. They are a hell of a deal for the price though.

Its interesting how something sounds ok today when I don't have another option to compare against. I put more focus on the overall performance and simply enjoyed to whole video and the group performing. 

I'm a sucker for string quartets.


Micing a strings quartet ?

In the next days, I have to record a strings quartet formed of two violins, an alto violin, and a cello.

I'm going to use two condenser mics (Beringher B1, and Tascam LD-74 made by MXL) in a Tascam USL-122. I don't have too many choices with the mics. I also posted on Audio ProGear forum, because I plan to buy two tube preamp for that (VBT-1, or ART V3, or TubePre).

The room is a regular church with reverb.


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