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Syncing a midi track to Pro Tools grid

I have a very technically proficient metal band coming to the studio soon (think the Faceless meets opeth), anyway I just switched from Audition to Pro Tools recently and this band has written all their music into Guitar Pro and can export their songs as midi information from the program, therein lies the question:

Pro Tools MIDI I/O isn't syncing up

Hey all,

I'm running Pro Tools HD 2, 7.4. My MIDI I/O has been really finicky as of late and will not sync up when I open Pro Tools. I'm going to head down there soon to try and troubleshoot the damn thing but I thought I'd ask around here first to try and get some idea on where to start or if anyone has any knowledge of this happening to them. Thanks!

Midi/Analogue Sync Set-up help needed!


I'm in the process of putting together my small live/studio set up and aside from the individual bits of hardware on my list, i need to know what else i might need to tempo sync it all together and check I'm not missing anything (there's a tight budget involved you see!)

Korg Electribe EM1 (Midi In, Midi Out, Midi Thru)

Can't get the MTP A/V to distribute midi clock/sync.

Has anyone experienced this before using a MOTU MTP? I have no problems w/ midi data, just the midi clock distribution. So for the time being, I've substituted using the midi I/O from my Layla card. Ended up having to daisy chain everything that uses midi clock, which was no problem. Has anyone run into this senario yet? :?