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My latest instrumental.. trying to nail the drums. How do they sound...?

Hey all,

I've been working on a new instrumental. Well, it's actually a re-work of a track I first attempted 20-odd years ago. Anyhow, what does everyone think? Have I nailed it?.. I'm trying to get the drums to sound 'decent'.. Might have over embellished in a few places..

At usual, I'm mixing on my trusty DT-990 pro headphones.




Summer Romance (with real drums)... general critique please.

Here's a new song that's part of the same adolescent song cycle for me (this one's about the summer between grade 10 & 11). It's the second song where I'm working with real drum tracks. I've still a bit of vocal clean-up to do (a few pops and "k" sounds and mouth sounds etc...) Any direction otherwise on this - more of a macro focus for now as I've still some work to do with the track.


Mixing double drums: How would you pan them?

I'm mixing a project with two drummers on most of the songs, much like The Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers etc. I've been pondering my panning approach and, though I've kind of got it figured out, it would be useful to hear what others have done or think they would do with two kits before I settle on something.

Recording with electronic drums in a business

I am starting a mobile recording studio business in my area. I am getting a custom trailer built that is 8'x24'x7.5'. My original plan was to build a 8'x14' live room and record real drums, but after doing some reading it seems like it might be difficult to get a good drum sound in such a small room.

Mixing MIDI drums: clipping/distortion.

I'm currently working on a music project in Garageband [yes, not the best DAW, but I'm comfortable with it, and I can't afford high-end DAWs]; while I think I'm able to mix most audio fairly well, I'm still having trouble with drum mixing. I'm using Addictive Drums for the drum input; while I'm able to "record" the MIDI tracks the way I want, I'm having trouble mixing them.


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