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Universal Audio Ships Arrow Desktop Audio Interface For Music Creators

When I think of what I had to use in the 80's, like the Tascam Portastudio, then see this... (y) How cool.
Today's musicians have no excuse, so much more in-terms of producing "good enough" quality when it comes to being able to get affordable recording systems.

Look at this brilliant product from UA.

Music Creator 6 Playback help!

Using an Audiogram 6, I am trying to do some recording from guitar to computer.
I managed to make it so that when I do play and record, the sound is captured and the wavelength on screen does change, but for some odd reason when I try to listen to what I play I get the strange message of:
Unable to Open Audio playback device. Device may not support the current projects format or may be in use.

Any help fellas ? Much appreciated.

Help Please: Yamaha Audiogram 6 Set-up and Music Creator 6

I purchased Audiogram 6 from my local music store, downloaded the Windows 7 Driver for it, and have everything that the instruction manual told me to do done. I can't seem to link it with my Music Creator 6 program. I'm trying to record guitar tracks. Does anyone have any clue how to link the two? I thought it should recognize the device driver immediately, but it doesn't for some reason.

If anyone has any experience with Audiogram 6, please give me a hand. Thanks (:

Cakewalk Music Creator Pro24

Hey folks,

bear with me as I'm very new to all this. I decided to make a start at some home recording so downloaded cakewalk music creator pro24 from limewire, and i am actually stumped from the start.

it says for me to select the midi outputs, and when i select the one on the popup list, it still asks me to make a selection as "i will not be able to hear anything play"


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