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New ROUND Table Series | Drum-Recording, Building Careers & Music Industry


We'd like to share with you our latest ROUND Table Series:

We've invited two producers/drummers from the UK in order to form a round table and discuss relevant topics from the world of music. In six parts, Garry King (Jeff Beck, Joe Lynn Turner) and Daniel Chantrey (Universal Records, Frontier Records) discuss about music production, building careers, and the current situation of the music industry.

Taylor Swift - Where will the music industry be in 20 years, 30 years, 50 years?

Some may find this interesting

Where will the music industry be in 20 years, 30 years, 50 years?

Before I tell you my thoughts on the matter, you should know that you're reading the opinion of an enthusiastic optimist: one of the few living souls in the music industry who still believes that the music industry is not dying…it's just coming alive.

Good advice on how to start out in the music industry.

Hi, my name is Robert. I'm very interested in getting into the music industry. I want to learn how to make my own beats, produce, and everything else related. I'm considering going to SAE but I'm questioning whether or not this is a could idea. Im sure you learn a lot of great stuff but would it be wiser to just start by interning at a studio and submerging myself into the whole business instead. This could save me time and money. Please share any related stories and advice.