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Ribbon Microphone Upgrade for MXL 990


Hello, I’m beginning my personal little crusade in the Ribbon Mic arena.

To start, I’ve created an Instructable, to upgrade an MXL 990 condenser mic with a ribbon element from

I created some 3D printed parts to hold the ribbon element and transformer.

Can't get MXL 990 to work with Blue Icicle and Laptop? Please Help!

Last week, I bought an MXL 990 with a shockmount, a Blue Icicle, and a 25 ft. long XLR cable. I have the Microphone plugged into to XLR cable > Blue Icicle > Dell Inspiron N5110. It says that it's installing software, but when it's done, it says "There is a problem with the driver USB Multi-Channel Audio Device.

MXL 990 won't record

I just received my MXL 990 condenser mic from Musicians Friend today and everything looked fine when I unboxed so I went ahead and hooked it up to my mixer. I use a Yamaha MW12CX USB mixer that provides phantom power but I can't get anything to record through my MXL 990. I've never used a mic that requires phantom power so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong.

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Using mxl 990 and Blue Icicle

Hey guys,

its good to be in this forums lots of knowledgeable sh*t

To my problem, i bought a MXl 990 and a Blue icicle

This is how its setup

Mxl 990 condenser mic > XLR cable > Blue icicle > USb wire > Pc ( windows 7 )

I checked everywhere and it says icicle is a plug and play device, so why am i having problem ?

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