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neumann preamp choices

Neumann preamp choices


Neumann M147 tube + Avalon 737sp
Neumann u87 + Vintech X73i
Neumann M147 tube + Vintech X73i
Neumann u87 + Avalon 737sp

...that would be your choice?
:) thanks

Preamps for U87

Hey everyone! New to the forum, but I've been at this a while now. I recently purchased a house with a finished detached garage (a-frame, 20'+ ceiling) that I am planning to use as a project studio for myself and freelance recording gigs. Mostly rock/funk/jazz - transparency is important to me and I don't want to lose the room sound that I bought the U87s to attain.

My setup is:
Macbook Pro running Pro Tools 7.4.2 & Logic 8
Digi 002R + PreSonus Digimax LT
Mackie HR624s


Neumann KMS105 preamp choices


Hey there folks,

I just bought a used Neumann KMS105 off of ebay, and I'm considering buying the Groove tubes Brick preamp. From reading these forums I really got it that the sound is in the Mic and the preamp, and I want a quality vocal. I heard someone using this mic live the other evening and it sounded fantastic, and she said she used it in recording her last CD and it sounds great!

Preamp, Studio Projects C1, Neumann u87



First of all a big greetz to all ! GREETZ !
(well it's kinda big :P)

Anyways I'm the new kid on the block and why not begin with a idiotic request :p:

I'm wondering if I could hear the difference between a good and a bad pre-amp ( or between 2 different pre-amp's ).

So does anyone have sound files where you can clearly hear the difference?

preamp for Neumann TLM 103 and Motu828MKII


I have Neumann TLM 103 mic and Motu828mkII. I am looking for a preamp for voice and acoustic guitar. My music style is pop, vocal, soft rock. The recorded voice sounds harsh using the preamp inside Motu828mkII and TLM 103. My budget for preamp is

Sebatron Vmp-2000e: preamp only
Avalon 737 sp: w/ compressor and EQ
Millennia STT1: $4k beyond my budget

Anyone has used Avalon 737sp? How is it compared to Sebatron ? Any other preamp suggestions?


Neumann TLM 103 preamp choices


I just upgraded to a Neumann TLM 103 mic and now I want to get a better preamp to go with it. I have an ART Tube MP preamp, which sounds better than my Mackie pre’s. The most important thing for us is to get a good sound for female lead vocals, as my wife is the songwriter and generally sings the lead. We’d like to keep it around the $500 range if that’s possible, while still getting a decent sound. Any suggestions are most welcome.