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neve 8068

How to get an awesome sounding recording


I want to share something with people starting out with their home studios that will help them. This could also be a good reminder for more experienced people.

A lot of times i hear people record a song and then being frustrated with how the song sounds. People often assume that well, it can be fixed by mixing it better, so they try to learn how to mix better or gives the recording to somebody else to mix it for them thinking it will sound a lot better after that.

It's not going to sound better, i'm sorry.

VCA vs. moving fader (sonically)

i realize most people prefer moving fader and there is a general conception that it is less degrading of one's signal. however are there not sufficient and high performance VCA's now a-days that are up to par with moving fader? is this conception primarily based on the old implementation of VCA's in older consoles?

also can anyone tell me what kind of automation the Neve 8068 and 8078 consoles used? i believe flying fader off the nemac computers, but i'm not sure any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Which preamp sounds closest to the old MCI 400 series?

Please, just the straight and skinny, I understand all about the variables that effect the final sound, and *nothing* will sound like a well tuned MCI except another MCI console. I just need a map to guide me towards that sound. I know the MCI 400 series have been described as punchy and creamy. I would like to hear from someone who has used one, or currently still does, and their opinion of which pre would get me in the ballpark.

I'm looking at Vintechs, Sebs, API's, etc... you know along that line.

Quality Mixer?

I currently record on a Boss BR-864 and I don't like the limited amount of inputs. I want to move onto computer based recording and I have an idea on what I need to buy. I have a PC and I want to use that. I am thinking about buying an M-Audio firewire interface with the RCA and S/PDIF inputs and a mixer. I want a mixer with enough mic inputs to record drums that is under $300 dollars. I have looked into Behringer mixers but have heard dome bad things and some good things. Does anyone have any tips or ideas for me?

Anyone know much about Neve?

I just wanted to start a thread to learn a little about Neve consoles and some of these famous modules I've heard about (ie the 1081's, 1066's, 1081R's). Anybody work in a shop with a 88R or a Libra? I'm just looking to learn, so whatever you know will help! Thanks gang!

Here's a good first question:

What is the difference between a mini-fader module and a fader module on an 88R? What jobs do the two perform specifically?

Thanks again and happy day to you all!

Sonic Quality of various DAW's vs. tape, etc.

I am about to upgrade my system.

I would like to hear from professional Musicians and Producers with their opinions on the sonic quality of various recording formats.

For example, though many people I have spoken to claI'm that this is not possible, I believe that Pro Tools sounds better than Logic Audio. I have them both.

With regard to interfaces, programs such as Nuendo, Paris, Logic Audio, Pro Tools, Cubase etc, I would really like to hear user's opinions.

memory allocation/deleting unused regions

Hello folks...first post on this forum.

I'm not a very computer-journeyed guy, but have been using PT TDM system since June by the seat of my pants (after 10 years with a Studer and a Neve 8068), and since I've already learned about destructive recording the hard way (ah-ha...there may be "tracks" in "other songs" labelled the same way or something like that...), I'm wondering what I'm safe to do regarding this situation:

An acoustic guitar album. 14 songs. same 4 mics recorded for every song. All labelled the same for each track (i.e. km54-L, M7, etc...)



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