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no sound

Xpand 2 for Mac. Logic Pro (no sound)

Hey music people. I have Xpand 2 for my Mac. 

Here are the specs.  

Mojave.  i7. 16 gig ram

Xpand is 64 bit. 

Here's the problem-- Thank you so much for some help!

When I go to play the keyboard there's no sound. Theres no activity on my meter in Logic Pro X either. When I play my other sounds in Logic Pro they work fine. (the meter lights up green) Also other sounds like EZdrummer they will work. Just not Xpand. 

I heard you have to have Catalina OS?

what's the deal?

Thank you so much!


[SOLVED] No sound input being detected by Nuendo


I am having issues setting up my sound for my software, am a bit of a noob with this and am really confused why it won't work.

So my audio interface is a Fireface UFX. I have the microphone going to AN 3/4, and my main output is the default which is AN 1/2.

The UFX is showing sound and i checked by sending it to my main, and my microphone output was coming out of my speakers - so i definitely have sound. On that end.

This is the mixer so you can see how its all set up:

No Soundshifter G offline in Nuendo and Cubase

A friend of mine asked me to make this threat.
This is question regarding Waves Soundshifter G offline.
I have Pro Tools and the same plugin works fine.
But when my friend installed it on Neundo and on Cubase the Soundshifter G offline doesn't appear in plugin insert list.
But when I go to Plug-in information I can see it.
Why cant I get this plugin to show up?

Any help will be GREAT! Thanks!

Help! No sound from monitors!

This was my old signal chain:

Computer (Digital Wire) to
Seasound Soloist (Control Room Outs) to
Berige876ger Mixer Channel 13/14 (Sub Mix Out) to
Behe98760876ger Monitors

I removed the Mixer and I now have

Computer (Digital Wire) to
Seasound Soloist (Control Room Outs) to
Behe98760876ger Monitors

I get no audio, and an ungodly hum!

I have no clue now to fix this. Please advise?

FAQ: Weird. No sound from monitors!

Hi peeps,

I really need your advice on this.

One of my home studio monitor just stopped working one day. So I started a series of test to pin point fault.

Step 1: Testing of monitors.
I used the working cable and test on the monitors one at a time. Both monitors are working.

Step 2: Testing of 'defective' cable.
Then I tried the 'defective' cable on both monitors one at a time and they are working too!

Step 3:
I set up the monitors again and only one monitor is working!

No Sound When I Convert To mp3

Hi ! I Run Sonar 5 Producer w/some x-tra plugins ! (waves) I Also Use A Lexicon Omega for my sound card. The Problem I'm Having Is That
Sonar Won't Let me convert the file to an mp3 so I did it on a wave converter ! However Once I load it on to My Space there is no sound !
I have never had this problem before ! Also when I go to save Changes to this particular song it (sonar) suggests the file is too big to save possibly! I never had this problem before ! I'd Appreciate any advice !