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Analogue sequencer plugins: modulating gate length

I use Cubase and I'm trying out various analog sequencer-style free plugins in order to create Tangerine Dream Berlin school short MIDI monophonic note sequences. One thing that seems to be missing is the facility to continuously modulate the gate (note) length.


A dynamic device that has the ability to stop audio passing through it based on a certain threshold. Originally designed to shut down audio output in passages with no program material (where tape hiss might be evident) or to lower bleed on drum microphones. Gates can also been used creatively, notably the gated reverb of Phil Collins' 80s drum sound.

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My First Pro Tools 8 (Correction - Seagate) Disaster

Well, I guess I spoke too soon about not having any trouble with PT8. As I learned from Sweetwater tech support today, PT8 does not like to deal with USB drives. So transferring a .wav file from a jump drive can make your computer six kinds of crazy. I managed to get PT working with the CS3 update.

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