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noise reduction

Noise reduction plugins for Mac?

Using Mac OS 10.8.2 with Digital Performer 7.24 . . is there any AU software that is similar to Bias 'Soundsoap' that will run on this OS? Soundsoap is incompatible, and Bias is out of business. Everything I've found is either too complicated, too expensive, or requires an i-Lok. I primarily want to remove ambient background noise from vocal recordings. Thanks for any assistance!

When to apply noise reduction?

I have tracked a recording of Bartok's 44 violin duets with a couple of vintage ribbon mics through a Manley tube preamp, while recording the reverb in the hall with a couple of sdc's, and I'm now mixing the album. the result is absolutely gorgeous but needless to say with that setup, I do have quite a bit of noise that I need to do something about. So my questions are these:

Advanced noise reduction -slight residual 'flanging' sound

Making progress in getting a noise free vocal audio master. Applying my NR in 2 passes in Audition.
Noise is virtually removed after 2nd pass(I take a new noise print before each pass) but I have a slight high pitched 'flanging' sound just barely audible.
Can any NR experts suggest some things I might try?

Noisy Fender Supersonic

I recently purchased a Fender Supersonic head. I know valve amps are noisier than solid state but the clean channel on the amp, especially the Bassman setting has lots of background hiss. Even with no guitar plugged in and the volume completely off, there is a hiss that is very loud. The lead channel is fine and I have checked cables, different speakers, different wall socket, etc. I didn't notice this at the store as I was in a big room with quite noisy surroundings. I took the amp back and they sent it to Fender who have replaced a suspect preamp valve and apparently tested the amp.

Can this sound clip be fixed with noise reduction?

I recorded an acoustic guitar with a RØDE nt4 mic. I have a pretty noisy environment for recording and unfortunately, it's probably not going to change. Most of my recordings are distorted guitar through a Palmer Speaker Simulator and everything else is software, so room noise isn't generally a problem. For this, however, it definitely is.

I like this performance and would like to keep it. Any recommended software? Thanks...

Noise reduction for my Studer A807?

Hello everyone,

I just have an used (but in good shape) Studer A807.
Today I have recorded some music to test it and I was very surprised to hear how good and different the sound was!

I did an CD audio extract of a song in Sounforge, then recorded the same track into the Studer through my cheap Tascam M30(without any EQ) and sent the tape into Soudforge.
Then I created a project in Cubase SX and listened to the 2 versions.
The difference was enormous, maybe because the studer had the benefit to have a mixer in front of it?

Location recording / Noise Reduction

Hi Guys:

I recorded a live recital (piano / soprano) last friday, I used Blunmlein stereo mic. I've got amazing sound but also a lot of audience noise (about 180 people), I then tried to use various noise reduction plugin s, It worked but it also took the ambience as well. I doubt if other classical live recordings use the noise reduction facilities at all, can anyone tell? Also how do you do if you have the same situation?