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nylon string guitar

Pierre Bensusan | Wu Wei | Live @ The Silk Mill Recording Studio

An interesting array of mic choices. 

Aside from the beautiful guitar sound and stellar performance, what's most interesting to me is the use of a capo and the excellent intonation this guitar has.

What mics do you see being used here?


Recording a Rumba Flamenca nylon string guitar

Hello Forum,

I'm trying to find any tips on how to record a Rumba Flamenca Nylon string guitar using a single condenser mic. Also, any information on how to apply EQ, compression, reverb, etc to the guitar. Is there any online application that can provide you like a guide on what settings to use on reverb or delay or any other effect?

Thanks in advanced,


Mixing a Nylon String Guitar

Good Morning and Happy New Year all.

I was wondering if anyone has any tips for mixing a nylon string guitar? I recorded a song of mine using two mics - (both condensors) one at 12th fret and the other at bridge. Got a great sound while tracking.

Was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction as mixing the two tracks. Frequencies to cut/boost. that kind of thing. Been searching on this topic and cant seem to find a whole lot. If someone has a *gasp* cheat sheet that would work good too...



Nylon string guitar recording ideas please!

Hi all,

What a great forum! So much useful information - unbelievable! I read almost all threads regarding classical guitar but still was not able to get a clear idea of how should I approach my current project.

I am recording home in a 12x14 room(with spot treatment) using a pair of Rode NT5s, to a Vintech 1272 into Cubase SX and MOTU 828 mkII. I used only nylon string guitars - a mellow sounding Takamine and a powerful Alvarez Yairi CY140. The record I am working on is a bossa/samba/bolero/jazz amalgam with all instruments played and sequenced by me.