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Oktava is a Russian microphone manufacturer, which is part of Ruselectronics holding. It produces a variety of microphones for professional audio and general use. Oktava sells most of its products to the United States and Europe.

Oktava MK 012 on acoustic guitar

I just got my matched cardioid pair ! I haven't done any serious work with them yet. I did however, do a quik setup and record to tape of my acoustic guitar. I did use them as a spaced pair. I bought these specifically for recording my acoustic guitar. These are some extremely sensitive mics. Wow. I'm thinking that the 10db pad may be required for close mic of guitar and I will obviously be spending some time getting my placement and gain staging just right.
A very quik test says I love these mics already. I have no doubt that I will be (over time) acquiring matched sets of the other available caps as well. The only SDC I can compare them to are the SM81's which I own. I'm not going to go into this vs. that. I think they are both good stuff. Now, it's just a matter of learning them. Yay !

Oktava Mk 012 and AKG Perception 420

Hi all,

I was thinking about getting a pair of Oktava Mk 012

My main interest is to use it live for recording the sound of some dancers and and some instrument (horn+flute), so the room is very important for me.
A totally different alternative would be the AKG Perception 420, that is very sensitive (i need that), but i'm afraid of the feedback during the live.

I also do some field recording, so I was thinking to use the Oktava also for this purpose, while the AKG is not the the best option for that.

What do you think?
Do you have other suggestions?


Has anyone sent their mics in to Oktavamod? I'm thinking about purchasing their upgrade to my old MXL and Oktavamod condensers, as they get no use in my studio.

I would appreciate hearing about anyone's experiences with them.


Oktava MK 012-01

Can anyone tell me if these mics sound anything like the RODE NT5s? I have a set of the RODE but came across a set of the Oktava 's for a good price and am kicking around getting them, though I really don't 'need' them...particularly if they're going to sound close to what I already have.

I mainly use my SDC for acoustic guitar.


Oktava mics for grand piano?

I mainly record classical chamber music (recitals in theatres and auditorium with very good acoustics) and I'm very proud of the results: by now I used a Neumann km183 spaced pair in A-B recording technique through a MOTU Traveler (preamp, AD converter and audio card all in a box) connected to an Apple powerbook (recording at 48KHz 24 bit).
I'm also a professional pianist and usually record my piano recitals using the above configuration: the problem is that in churchs often the acoustic is too reverberant, and so I plan to add some cardioids for close-miking.
Initially I considered Neumann KM184 stereo pair, but I've read opposite reviews, and by now I'm switching toward Oktava mics, mainly MK-012 stereo set or MK-011 stereo set or MK-319 stereo set (and this with eventual modification).
What do you choose for close or semi-close classical grand piano miking, guys? Are there other options to consider?
Let me know your opinions.