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Looking for a 24in/24out optical to firewire interface

I had my heart set on a MOTU 2408 mkii to exactly what I need. Come to find out the firewire looking output wasn't a firewire output. So now my hunt is on to find just a straight 24in/out optical interface that sends the signal via firewire. I don't want to combine many units together to give me 24in/out, I don't need extra bells and whistles on it, since nothing else will be used.

Is this even possible? ADAT OUT to OPTICAL IN

I've done a lot of serches on this but i still don't get it.
I have a zed r16 with 16 chanels of ADAT in/out and a Tascam CD-RW2000 CD recorder with digital in.
Tha connectors are the same(toslink cable).
Im trying to send 2 master tracks from the zed to the Tascam to record a mix digitally but no luck getting a signal on the Tascam so far.

Optical Input in pro tools 7? how do i assign my octopre to a track?

hey everyone, I'm using a Focusrite octopre and a pro tools le 7 system with the 002 factory board. Using an optical cable to connect the two, but i cant figure out how to assign the optical in to a track let alone which channel of the octopre..can anyone share their expertise?