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Orban 622B Parametric EQ

I was wondering if anyone could tell me a little about the Orban Parametric Eq model 622B ?
I have come across one which has come out of a broadcast facility in Oz. I really don't know much about these units.

With the age I'd expect it would require recapping, but I'm keen to know if anyone is familiar with or has used one in their travels and if its worth taking a look at.

Orban 424a

Someone just gave me this compressor - from an old radio station.

So I hook it up for fun; to a baby bottle, via a Focusrite red. I'm stunned. It sounds like an 1176 but with less distortion and a sort of round smooth quality.

The gates sound good and behave well. and the de esser is smooth, and the whole thing is clean and quiet. Certainly, there's a lot of cheap compressors that should eat their heart out. They sold for what? Around a grand back in the day?

This is the sound a lot of people are looking for, is it not?

Orban 621 EQ, no power supply

Recently, my boss discovered an Orban/Parasound 621b Parametric EQ in storage that slipped through the cracks in bookeeping (we didn't know we had it, and there was no record that we did other than the unit itself).

We'd like to check it out and see how it sounds, except we can't locate a power supply anywhere.

Additionally, there are a few things about the unit that we find confusing...