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Feedback please on my orchestral recording

My orchestra performed yesterday and I was the recording engineer (along with performer). Please give a listen to my recording and provide feedback - how can I improve this? Note, there was no EQ nor reverb added, this is straight from the pre-amp. To me, it doesn't really need any further EQ or verb (the room was very wet already) but if you disagree, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Pre-amp for live orchestral recording?

I am recording a symphony orchestra in our next concert. I currently only have a stereo microphone (Audio-Technica 4047) and portable field recorder (Tascam DR100). It's been suggested the item that would help boost the quality the most would be a good pre-amp. Can I get some guidance on what is best for live orchestras - so warm and precise is what I'm looking for.

Orchestral recording feedback please

I would like to know how to improve the recording I made of my orchestras performance of a piano concerto. The room is difficult to record (all the curtains absorb the sound giving a rather dead sound). Since we have little budget, rather than hiring a recording engineer, I will have to suffice for that position.

Question Fer Ya...Orchestral Recording Project

Tonite we are doing a remote recording for a well recognized HS orchestra...(record/master only - no sales from our end)...

Been thinking about this...what results have you remote guys had with placing a large omni (in my case a Peluso 2247) dead center about 10' over the conductor's head, and using that in conjunction with the ORTF setup (C42s) and just forgoing the side fill mics?