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Logic Pro X Software Inst. only Orchestral - Advice/Critique

Been working with the built in Studio Strings and oboe for an arrangement of Gabriel's Oboe (from the motion picture The Mission).

I've got it the best I can, so now I need brutal critique from anyone who knows more about mixing and orchestral arrangements than me (so, almost anyone).

Orchestral arrangements from piano music

We've been working on these over the past week - piano music, extended into orchestral stuff. Still not happy with some of the sounds - but cannot decide on what to get at the mo - but I thought I'd share these. Makes a big change from the usual rock and pop stuff. It's OK for you to hate it, these are quite pleasant ones compared to some of the styles we're working on.

mic placement for orchestral band/chorus


Hi all-newbie here with a question. My daughter's HS marching band also performs orchestral music (upper college and sometimes professional level pieces) at a local church sanctuary which is huge-seats about 3000. Next month the chorus will be doing the show along with the band. So I'm looking for advice on mic placement,how many mics I would need,and which mics would work best.

Help with live orchestral performance

At times, I have to record a live orchestra performance but the organiser of the concert refused to let me put up overhead mic stands on stage as they affect the view of the audience. Since I do not have any access to set up suspending microphone, up to now, what I would do is to place the mics at around performers' height, 3-4 in front of the orchestra and 2 in front of the woodwind section.

time aligning spot mics in choir/ orchestral recordings?



Do you do this? Under what circumstances? Interested in what folks do with this tool- it was not available in the 'old days' when we simply observed good 3:1 ratio and other guidelines. Does delaying spot mics assist you in getting better audio now that this tool is available? Your thoughts?

Feedback please on my orchestral recording

My orchestra performed yesterday and I was the recording engineer (along with performer). Please give a listen to my recording and provide feedback - how can I improve this? Note, there was no EQ nor reverb added, this is straight from the pre-amp. To me, it doesn't really need any further EQ or verb (the room was very wet already) but if you disagree, I'd love to hear your thoughts.