1. pcrecord

    Mastering with explanations

    In this video I simulate what a mastering engineer would do to a mix. Of course, a true ME will use far more advanced tools than Ozone to do so, but I thought it would be nice to discuss what they look for and how a mix can be transformed. Disclaimer, I'm not a mastering engineer, I don't...
  2. Todzilla

    Gonna Die for the Dow

    Mix and song execution feedback, please: Gonna Die for the Dow thanks, part of my Quarantunes series.

    Those ozone 6 presets are the death of me....

    Why are all of the Ozone 6 presets so aimed towards fixing eq and imaging and not at all geared towards getting decent Compression and or volume. Of course you gotta add a little air or shine to a finished mix but most of the work should be done in compression and limiting.
  4. pcrecord

    New iZotope Ozone 7 !

    Just saw that today .. seems promessing ! ;)
  5. pcrecord

    Humble ways to think about mastering

    I came accross this video that made me discover this very nice fellow. Serving the customer's needs is not the modo of everyone but this guy has it !!
  6. audiokid

    iZotope Ozone 6 Mastering Software

    Zotope today announced version 6 of their highly regarded Ozone mastering plugin. Used by many as the final stage in their mix process as well as on discrete channels for a variety of creative processing techniques. Avalable now as a standalone application for both Standard and Advanced, its got...
  7. DonnyThompson

    Izotope Ozone, Waves Abbey Road ADT

    Izotope Ozone This is a collection of tools, including EQ, Gain Reduction, Reverb, Multi-Band Compression, Maximizer, Exciter and Imager. I downloaded a 10 day trial of this prog yesterday; I had heard from a few engineer friends that they thought it was pretty decent, so I thought I'd give it...
  8. wavlab with ozone4 question

    Hi Guys im new here. Can somebody offer me some advice. here is my method. 1. Im using wavlab 6 I open my wav file (song) i then open the VST plugin Ozone 4 I master my tracks. I then save file as wav under file in wavlab but when I open the file in any media the mastering I have just done hasnt...
  9. Question About Using Ozone's Dithering

    I've been using Ozone in my DAW as part of the mastering process and had dithering turned on and assumed that the rendered product was going to be 16 bit when selecting 16 bit in Ozone but after rendering a few test Waves of my album I noticed they're all still 24 bit. I'm unclear as to...
  10. kmetal

    Ozone vs. T-Racks vs. ?

    Hey everyone, I searched for a direct comparison between T-Racks and Ozone. The closest i came to it was remy's post saying she's used T-Racks since version 1 w/ bugs. I understand that experience, the room, ears, gear, and an awsome finished product, is what makes mastering the...
  11. Question about Ozone 3

    I recently bought Ozone 3 and I am wondering how to use the volume maximizer to the entire mix instead of just each individual track. If anyone is familiar with this program, some help would be much appreciated. By the way I am using Cubase SE for mixing. Thanks.
  12. BigTrey

    Izoptope Ozone

    Hey RO'ers it's been a long time, does anybody out there use Izotope Ozone Mastering software? If so would you be willing to share your authorization code with me so that I an use the demo version? I am a struggling producer and just can't afford to buy the product right now. So if you would be...
  13. Alternative to Ozone EQ?

    I just love izotope Ozone's EQ, the fact that it's so simple to use (just click and drag to alter frequency) I'm just too new to be able to use a whole bunch of dials So I was hoping someone might know of a VST plugin that will let me click and drag the frequency bands all around like...

    Wondering if someone is experiencing the same prob as mine: I bought recently a new pc (Pentium 3.2, Motherboard Asus P5VD1-X) and it refuses to install my M-Audio Ozone... it crashes, the sound always sundelly stops, produces weirds clicks and always stops to function...saying the...
  15. M-Audio Ozone

    I just bought an M-Audio Ozone USB Audio/Midi Mobile Workstation and need to run it through Acid Pro 4 and Cubase. I am thoroughly confused by the manual on the particulars of setting the knobs and data to begin recording through this machine (I'm pretty new at this). Anyone have any online...
  16. Ozone or Audio Card???

    I've been recording on my pc for a couple of years now. I've been doing it all through the factory sound card. I've got everything tweaked just right...most people can't even tell. But I'm very limited by all of this. So I want to upgrade. My budget sucks. I was thinking about getting an...
  17. iZotope Ozone thoughts?

    Hi all, I was interested to know if anyone has the newish version of this, if so what's it like? Is it worth it or is it another one of those open it once and once only type plugs?
  18. iZotope Ozone software

    Hey, I'm a Pro Tools/TDM user so this doesn't apply to me, but since Chris has brought this product up in his gear discounts thread I thought we might talk about it here under it's very own heading... So...?
  19. ozone

    I bought izotope's ozone. I tried the demo (free) for several days, I was sold. I'm extremely happy with it. I'm using it for mastering with sound forge. Apparently people have been complaining about the presets, but I have used my own settings. Although it's intended for mastering...