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Eq116 vs. ozone 9 FIR EQ vs. mAAT EQ Orange for Linear Phase Quality

I love the eq116 Linear phase mode filters but I did some research I was told that "Maat EQ Due to the double IIR Filter the lowcut becomes a Linkwitz-Riley Filter. For me and many others it’s the king of the surgical filters and it can really work miracles." really have this degree difference between eq116 and maat eq orange or Ozone 9 digital (surgicel FIR eq) ?

Izotope Ozone 9 lets you re-balance vocals in stereo mix.

This is a great new feature! Something i think we have been wishing for, for a long time. Adjust vocals, drums, and bass individually, right from the stereo mix! I skipped the upgrade from ozone 7 to 8, but did take advantage of intro pricing on 9, mainly for this feature. Check it out, seems to work very transparently.

wavlab with ozone4 question

Hi Guys I'm new here. Can somebody offer me some advice. here is my method.
1. Im using wavlab 6 I open my wav file (song) i then open the VST plugin Ozone 4
I master my tracks. I then save file as wav under file in wavlab but when I open the file in any media the mastering I have just done hasnt been saved in the wav file?

Please help what am I doing wrong here?