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passive monitors

JBL 4312

I was thinking about picking up a set of these primarily to use as 'listening' speakers but I wanted to get some thoughts on how they would work as monitors? I recently started getting back into listening to music casually, or dare I say even as enjoyment (the thought of such a thing!) as I realized that for the past many of years I've been almost strictly listening to music critically, either via learning songs, for tracking/mixing or just straight out of iTunes *yuck*.

Power Amplifiers for Passive monitors

Hello all, relatively new to this field of music--long time listener, noob producer--anyways Im picking up a pair of Tannoy Reveal 601P's very soon.

Heres a link to the manual--page 12 lists the specs

so I have a few questions, mainly revolving around the electrical amplification required for this pair

JBL 4312 and a Newbie

I have a pair of JBL 4312 monitors. Now, when I hear the term "near field" I assume you sit up close to them and generally think "smaller speakers". My JBL's are friggin huge to me and I have no clue at what range I am supposed to be sitting in respect to them. Near? Far? Who can tell. . Currently when I use them I sit about 10 feet away and when I think about sitting very close to them I imagine my head exploding when the mouse slips and I accidently crank the gain on that trebley guitar lead.

Dynaudio M1 passive nf monitor ?


Last year I was working with BM6A and after love affair on the first bite I find myself a bit tired of hype and modern aggression from active systems. Now I'm going back to old fashion passive.

Does anyone have experience with trapezoidal Dynaudio M1 passive nearfield monitors?

What are possible benefits/issues with that concept (2 x 5.5'' woofers + tweeter)?

Is it better way to go with BM6 passive for the NF?

Amplifier for JBL 4312 Monitors

Davedog you mentioned that you were quite familiar with these monitors and that they need a good linear amplifier to achieve maximum performance. Could you, or anyone else here, recommend a few of amplifiers from differenct price ranges that would do the job. I am not really familiar with the intricacies of amplifiers and have no idea what a decent amp costs. Anyone help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks fellas


Spirit Absolute 2

Hi everybody,I'd like to have some feedback on the Spirit Absolute 2...

I cannot say i am a totally unlucky guy...some friend of mine who is leaving the country kinda of gave me a pair of Absolutes 2 and Samson Servo 170 the days of hi-fi monitors are finally over...

I know that the spirits are already a piece of museum...but mine are brand new! she never used it...

I`d like to know more about it,maybe some of you guys had one before and can share some of your experiences with the box...specially in comparison with the modern ones...