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piano mics

Piano mics?

I'm using a pair of DPA 4099's to mic my current grand piano, and they've have been ok, but I have a Steinway D coming in soon. Since I'll already likely be renting some different vocal mics to compare, I'm wondering if folks here have any mic recommendations for a very very large and resonant sound. Budget is probably 3,000 or less for the pair. The Earthworks system as well as KM184s come in around that price.

Any observations on the above or alternate recommendations would be most appreciated.


Cello and Piano Mics for small room

I am recording cello and piano in a small-medium size room that is too bright and live acoustically - I can't really treat it except to put a blanket under the piano.

What mic setup would you all recommend? I always used X-Y stereo on 2 small diaphragm cardoid mics and a large diaphram cardoid as spot mic up close (6 inches).

Would that work or the room work against me being too live? How to tame the room - only close mics, or putting the X-Y much closer like 2 ft high and far?

Schoeps for piano

Hello. I am a professional piano player and I'd like to update my couple of mics (AKG 414s) with Schoeps matched pair, but I don't know what caps is best, if Mk 21 or Mk 22.
Live use a part, I am recording a Steinway C (227 cm) in a medium room rather dry, about 40 square meters. I am not doing business in recording, but I'd like to buy something durable. I combine mics with a MOTU 896 MK. Thanks for suggestions. C

Favorite piano mics?

Hi All, I recently had the good fortune to work out a deal for a friend's grand to live at my studio in exchange for free studio time. It's been a while since I had the opportunity to record any real piano tracks and I intend to beef up my mic arsenal. It's a vintage 6' Knabe in a large, live room with cathedral ceiling. Let the opinions rip!