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Piano mics?


I'm using a pair of DPA 4099's to mic my current grand piano, and they've have been ok, but I have a Steinway D coming in soon. Since I'll already likely be renting some different vocal mics to compare, I'm wondering if folks here have any mic recommendations for a very very large and resonant sound. Budget is probably 3,000 or less for the pair.

Cello and Piano Mics for small room


I am recording cello and piano in a small-medium size room that is too bright and live acoustically - I can't really treat it except to put a blanket under the piano.

What mic setup would you all recommend? I always used X-Y stereo on 2 small diaphragm cardoid mics and a large diaphram cardoid as spot mic up close (6 inches).

Buying my first mics to record a piano (and other stuff...)... is this mic ok?


Hello everyone,
found this beautiful forum (and neverending source of knowledge) thanks to a friend of mine.
Time has come for me to start buying mics for my home-studio set up.
I have an acoustic piano I'd love to record in a decent way, and also a classical guitar (and I'm going to buy a mandolin too... eheheheh).

Oktava mics for grand piano?


I mainly record classical chamber music (recitals in theatres and auditorium with very good acoustics) and I'm very proud of the results: by now I used a Neumann km183 spaced pair in A-B recording technique through a MOTU Traveler (preamp, AD converter and audio card all in a box) connected to an Apple powerbook (recording at 48KHz 24 bit).


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