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Cathedral Pipes Micro-Amp for Passive Mics

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8 years 9 months
From Cathedral Pipes, the Durham Micro Amp Buffer, designed to add up to an additional 25db of clean, transparent gain for all passive microphones.
It uses typical 48v Phantom Power - found on most mic preamps - to add more db to low-output passive mics, which often require ramped-up gain levels to work at their optimum, and that many lower end preamps don't usually have available.

Recording Bagpipes

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7 years 4 months

I'm new to the forum, and relatively new to the recording side of music. I came to it via recording the band I play in in my basement, as a lot of people have. One of my first paid gigs will be an interesting one - a local bagpipe band has asked me to record a solo piper. They're going to use the recording mainly for practice purposes so I might be overthinking this, but I'd like to deliver something that sounds as good as possible (all joking about bagpipes aside).

Micing Uilleann pipes

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21 years
Hey all, Thought I needed to seek some experience and wisdom an micing. Doing my wife's second album (Cletic gospel), and about to record uilleann pipes.
I've not recorded them before and considering the different exits the sound comes out, I want to be sure that I mic it right.
It seemes to me that ambient sound could be important with such an instrument - what think ye.
Would appreciate any help from others who have recorded them before. :)

dealing with pipes in the basement studio

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21 years guys have never failed me before with your acoustical abilities. So here is what I am dealing with. my project studio is in my basement. The isolation room - is all concrete but there are a few spots where pipes come through the concrete and there are spaces that allow sound to travel from the laundry room in to the iso room. What is the best way for me to seal these piped areas. I have thought about using insulation or blankets - i just want to make sure I am safe. Safe and cheap are what i am aiming for.

Help, Help, help, with pan pipes

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21 years
Hello to all, here we are in search of enlightenment...
The problem is this:
We are about to record some Andean panpipes for our fusion band (Afro/ Andean/ latin/caribbean)
We have been very disappointed to hear Andean pan pipes (do not confude with the Romanian ones)recorded even by the really big pros (point at case check Shakira's Whenever Wherever - no soul or warmth) The pipes just sound awful wimpy, liveless, without bottom end and too airy. Nothing compared with the way we make them sound acoustically.