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5 Beliefs That Make Or Break Your Music Career

In my work with young musicians in particular, I have noticed some categories of beliefs that stop musicians from building careers in music.  I'd love some feedback from folks that have build a career of some sort in the music industry of other insights that help up coming musicians.  

Recording with electronic drums in a business

I am starting a mobile recording studio business in my area. I am getting a custom trailer built that is 8'x24'x7.5'. My original plan was to build a 8'x14' live room and record real drums, but after doing some reading it seems like it might be difficult to get a good drum sound in such a small room.

recording career questions

I'm currently a recording arts major in college and am in need of a certified engineer's assistance answering some interview questions for a career research paper. The major problem is that i'm running out of time to write the paper fast and i'm getting a lot of yes I will do the interview and then no response..

Is it worth learning a new DAW for a great career opportunity?

I am a rookie producer/engineer who uses Cubase. I usually am hired for lower budget recording projects where I will do all the engineering, editing, mixing and sometimes mastering, and playing guitars and bass. I have been recording as a hobby for about 4 years, but only as a job for a little over a year.

how to make my hobby my career?

i have been producing electronic music unprofessionally for over 10 years now. and to make a long story short i am tired of my job and want to make my hobby my career, and although i have much practice, i have never taken any classes or anything like that. so what suggestions would any of you have on doing this?

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studio vs. home recording (for my somewhat interesting needs

hey guys thanks so much for all the tech help but I wanted to look at my music career from another standpoint.

I am 19 soon off to berklee college of music, and write and perform pretty much everything myself. This is what I enjoy to do, but with my latest album my biggest issue was dealing with my boss 864 multi track for the last time.

errors/pain/annoyance galore.

career choices

am due to finish high school in 4 weeks time, i have a place at college to do my a levels with the following; media studies, ICT, business studies, english literature. however part of me wants to go to music college, though i am just too scared to do so being music is such a hard industry to get into. what would you guys advise?

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advise on career path

Hello--I have a question for those of you that are working (or have worked) in the larger facilities that hire interns. I have a nephew that seems to have a natural aptitude for engineering (his mixes blow mine away, and he hasn’t been at it as long). He also genuinely enjoys it, so I would like to see him with a career in the field.