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recording computers

Suggestions for type of recording computer

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I currently have an old (2004, Pentium II, 4GB) desktop computer that's painfully slow to use even to web browse and fairly audible in terms of cooling fans and HDD, and I'd like to get into home recording. 

My goal is to buy a used computer with the following four objectives:

Looking to buy a new computer for recording

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Hi There,

My (admittedly fairly minimalist) recording setup was recently written off in a fire. I am awaiting a payout from the insurance company, and this gives me an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start again from scratch.

The hub of all of this will of course be the computer. I have been umming and erring over this for a long time and feel I need some guidance.

Beginning of the end of computer based recording (finally!?)

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Check this out! The product itself is cool, but the implications are what I'm enamoured with. Computers are generally clunky, bloated, and relatively expensive. In my opinion far too 'open' for our needs in audio. I've been saying for years a closed, audio (video) only machine has a real place in our little corner of the world.

I've been impressed w smartphones and tablets ability to streamline the desktop recording experience, and in my opinion operate much more reliably.

recording vocals and acoustic guitar without a computer

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Hey all, probably a stupid question but I need to know if an MXL-990 condenser mic will work with a Tascam dp-32sd Portastudio without an audio interface. I was thinking of ordering this recorder and mic to get away from computer recording and wanted to make sure I get everything I need at one time.


cracks and pops, do I need a new recording computer?

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I was the one that started the thread "Are updates necessary?" Here's where I'm at now.

So I just wiped my hard drives completely and reloaded Windows 7. I loaded a new version of Reaper. When I bring in a project from the external drive, it takes a loooooong time to load. But, worse than that, I'm having the exact same problem that I was having before.
win7 64bit i7 CPU 920@2.67GHz 6GB Ram This thing is 6 years old.
The performance meter is at around 20% and I've got cracks and pops and static.

Rig for Live Recording to Digital / Computer

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I am primarily a musician, however I have been running a "Rock Band" after school program which is a lot of fun. I have a lot of experience with Garageband and I know this doesn't get much credit as a program, but I did a lot of recording on it with my friend in the past and I had results I was happy to listen to and continue to enjoy listening to.

ART Pro Dual Pre Usb Interface - Computer playback in recording

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Hi guys, So I'm not new to music, but pretty new to home recording. I got myself an ART Pro Dual Pre USB Interface so that I could record vocals and guitar at the same time, but as different tracks. But when I hook it up to my laptop and record using the Edison recorder in Fruity Loops 8 it records it as one track. If I then play that track back through the headphone monitor on the Dual Pre it records the computer sound and my input all into one track... Any ideas on what I could check?