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Large Ensemble Recording Problem

Hello all,

I need some tips for recording an Large ensemble( something about 60-70 musicians) in an large auditorium (300 people capacity).

It's a charity job for a project of my church, so the equipment is, unfortunately, low budget.

I actually have a Roland R26 recorder, a Audio-Technica AT2020 and two 5 meters height tripods.

Stay with firewire Apogee Ensemble/Avalon 737 or Go all UAD ?

Would appreciate comments suggestions or alternatives. Im considering switching to UAD Apollo 8 Thunderbolt with all UAD plugins and a new thunderbolt iMac. Presently firewire iMac, Good mics and recording studio. Vocals, acoustics and electrics. Pop country blues jazz

Recording a small vocal ensemble with voices and acoustic guitar, need some help.


Hi folks, I'vedone a few searches but don't seem to find quite what I'm looking for inexisting threads. Here's my situation. I'm going to record a group of singers accompanied by acoustic guitar. They are going to sing Christian songs in the Ojibwe langauge.

Best Improvement for Live Ensemble Recording

I've been doing recordings of High School and College level musical ensembles for family and friends (and sometimes myself relying on set-and-forget) for a couple years now using only a lone RODE M3 microphone hooked into Marantz PMD660. I've managed to get surprisingly good results from this setup, but I'd love to step it up a healthy notch - and get the most bang for my buck.

Apogee Ensemble or RME Fireface UFX?

Ill be using it with a iMac and Cubase 6.
This will be my main Recording interface, will be used with external preamps for tracking "rock" drums, guitar, vocals, exclusively in my home studio.
I know the feature differences between the two, my question is on the audio quality, does one have better conversion quality or Pres?

Stereo Imaging a Jazz Ensemble

It's been a unusually diverse month. In the past few weeks I've provided PA for a good up-and-coming Christian pop/rock band from down NC way, a rapper, a motivational speaker, and a classic rock band. In addition to remote recordings for a blues/rock band, we had another first of recording Broadway style vocal numbers (solos and duets) with piano accompaniment.


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