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Plugging into my mixer...correctly

Ive had some good results just plugging stuff in like I know what i'm doing.

I'm ready to do it right. I got a large mixer, and patchbays, so everything will be user friendly, and ready to go.

I have a 32 channel analog yamaha monitor mixer.  It makes 10 monitor mixes. Im going to use 8 busses to sent whatever I need to my interface, and the 9/10 buss as my main stereo out.

Recording Fender Rhodes

A band I am working with is going to be recording some tracks with a Fender Rhodes. I have never recorded a Rhodes before. The player tells me he has a nice matching amp that he really likes the sound of. It breaks up nicely. What is the best approach to recording this instrument? I have the following tools to work with. Preamps: API 312+, TL Audio pre/comp, TL Audio pre, Mackie XDR pres.