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Recording Phone Service Vocals

Ok, so here is the deal.

I am recording the voice for a companies Phone Messaging System, their phone company is telling me that the recording needs to be in CCITT u-law, 8.000khz, 8 Bit, Mono format. I am using Cubase 5 to record and i have tried this:

I tried exporting the recorded file as the 8.000khz, 8 bit, mono with cubase and there was this static noise in the background that came with it. The regular format export was fine.

Please Help! Recording live church services

Okay, here is what we have now and what we currently do.

We presently record our services with both a tape cassette recorder for cassettes and a CD-RW recorder for CD's. The problem is that we have to have a storage are for all these master CD's and tapes.

Our sound booth at the church has a up to date computer system and our sound mixer is mackie not sure specifics off hand.

Here is what I want to do if it is possible!