1. DogsoverLava

    Mix Thoughts on new song: Is there enough cohesion here and is it full enough?

    Wondering if this has knitted together well enough and if there's balance between the different harmonic elements without mud. Any thoughts on how I might improve this mix? Many thanks.
  2. The Story of the Sun

    My Inability - A Pop punk rock jam

    Would love to hear any feedback at all on our mix! Please be brutally honest! f y’all are interested, this is a song I initially wrote when I was 16 years old and played in my middle school band. I’m 33 now and my drummer heard the song and wanted to revive it. Interestingly enough, the original...
  3. Martin Antonsson

    Mixing/Mastering of your rock and heavier music

    Hey! Thought I'd introduce myself. New to the forum but been around a while in both the live and studio engineering world. Based out of Sweden I offer mixing and mastering services and focus is around the rock and heavier music genres. Portfolio and more info can be found at...
  4. Andrew Sniahirou

    Online mixing service - Soundchop Studio

    Do you want your music to sound loud and punchy? Soundchop Studio will help you turn your recorded tracks into studio quality releases! Hi, my name is Andrew Sniahirou, and I’m a sound engineer at Soundchop Studio. I offer mixing and mastering of guitar music – all kinds of metal, rock, and...
  5. Hello Radio

    Man for the Wolf (original song)

    Here is a song I just completed and created a video for it too. Bring on the feedback!
  6. Polyblip

    Indie Rock / Fusion / Progressive / Ambient - Worked really hard on mix - its complicated

    Hey All, I originally posted this on reddit and in the comments a user recommended that I post this song at this site in this particular thread. Here was his feedback on this mix: I like what this could be but I found the oscillation of the sound way too distracting -- I wanted longer decays...
  7. packrobottom

    Somebody's Baby Mix Critique Cover

    Played,recorded everything. Have a few things to to still do. Mix sugggestions greatly appreciated
  8. packrobottom

    Just a Man Indie Rock mix critique

    New song mostly finished just need to add some vocals/guitar part in outro. Mix comments greatly appreciated.
  9. Jeremy Dean

    "What Will It Take" First Mix Draft (Critique request)

    Hey there everyone! This is the first draft of a mix I've been working on. I just need some other ears to hear things I may not be catching right now. ALL input is absolutley welcome, please be honest. :) Thanks in advance for your help! :D - Jeremy (P.S. One thing I haven't spent time on...
  10. Alternative/Indie/Rock Mix Advice

    Hey all, I've been doing some home recording for bands I've played in for years, but I've always struggled to produce mixes that are both full, and dynamic sounding. My mixes have a tendency to sound too 'clean' and therefore empty. I think I've been slowly improving as i go, but there is only...
  11. Chris Stark

    Mix check, level check

    Female vox to be recorded eventually, thanks in advance for the comments / suggestions!