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The NTK is a premium large-diaphragm valve condenser microphone designed to provide incredible detail for the most demanding studio recording applications. Featuring a 1-inch gold-sputtered condenser capsule, hand-selected twin-triode 6922 valve and audiophile-grade components, it delivers stunning richness and warmth, making it ideal for a wide range of recording scenarios, including vocals, guitar, piano, drums and more.

Mic Preamp / channel strip for the RODE NTK


Hello everyone, I ask you for one piece of advice.
I need a mic preamp for RODE NTK. I would like to improve sound and reduce noise.
Does anyone know which mic preamp would work out well?
In view of finances, I am currently limited to a maximum of about $450 / 300 eur.
I have a sound card M Audio Firewire 410.

RODE NTK into M-Audio 1010lt?. its too hot?..its too cold?


I just got this setup the other day mainly to record french horn in a mix and alone for practicing.
I guess I just assumed I would plug it in and there would be a slider on the mixer that I could control the gain with and if it was too hot I would turn it down until it is just right.

RODE NTK mic preamp


I have been using my Mackie VLZ mixer for a few years and would like to get a preamp that is a step up from that...My price range is ~500. There are many mic preamps in this range (grace 101, Summit 2BA-221, "The Brick", RNP etc.) and some of them are tube...Since my main vocal mic is a RODE NTK should I avoid a tube pre and go with something cleaner to bring out the NTK sound?