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What is SACD

Super Audio CD is a read-only optical disc format for audio storage, introduced in 1999. It was developed jointly by Sony and Philips Electronics, and intended to be the successor to the Compact Disc format. The SACD format allows multiple audio channels.

One-bit Audio Consortium - the future of SACD?


I have noted that Korg in relation to their presentation of the MR-1000 on their webpages mention something called the "One-bit Audio Consortium".

Anybody who knows about this?

I'm particularly interested in finding out where SACD/high-res 1-bit/low-bit recording is going, given that high capacity storage formats like blu-ray is available now. So there is room for higher sampling rates for 1-bit if so desired.



SACD mastering software


I'm considering recording audio in the DSD format and would like to know how I transfer the recorded files to files that are put on an SACD. My searches on the internet have not revealed much software that do this (whatever the reason for that?)

I'm interested in what may be called minimalist software that transfers the files without changing them. And preferably low cost software.

Any of you have experiences and suggestions you can share?



Question about SACD.

I was wondering if the redbook-CD part on an SACD comes from the same premaster as the SACD part.(apart from the fact that the end-format is different offcourse.)
Reason I ask is because comparisons wouldn't be valid really if the one version is the original redbook master and the other a remastered version.
I was thinking about this the day I read some rave reviews when SACD first came out.It popped up again in a recent discussion...

I don't have an SACD player so I thought I could ask here.
Have some of you looked into this?

SACD 5.1 Demo at Sony

I attended a demo for 5.1 surround SACD at Sony music studios this past Thursday evening.

We listened in a mix room which had a 48 channel Sony Oxford console & custom speakers set up. However we listened on a dedicated setup of equipment which included large ATC self powered monitors (same speakers in 4 corners of the room, ATC powered center spkr. & powered ATC subwoofers.
Playback was from a top of the line Sony SACD player.


Ok, I have had my copy of Pink Floyds "Dark side of the moon" on SACD and I am wondering who has this and your thoughts. I am writing a detailed review of this for an upcoming issue here at (RO)

This SACD is presented in 3 formats on the single CD.

1. Redbook layer 16 bit 44.1K Stereo
2. Super Audio compact disc (SACD) direct stream digital (DSD) in 2 Channel. Single Bit 2.82MhZ Stream rate.
3. SACD-DSD 5.1 Surround.

5.1 surround uses a Left channel/Right channel/Center channel/Left rear channel/Right rear channel/Sub bass channel.



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