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sample rate conversion

24bit 88.2khz or 24bit 96khz?

Hi guys,

Just upgraded my studio with a brand new Focurite liquid Saffire 56 and an Octopre MkII.

With every changes to my gear, I try to better myself. I band project is coming soon, they're gonna track in my studio and mix and master at another place. So, I need to export wave files at there best.

With my last setup (with m-audio delta cards) I used 24bit 44.1khz because it was hard to get a low latency tracking otherwise.

24bit/192khz Line-in Recording: Portable Recorder or Laptop + Creative Sound Blaster

Hi! I am interested in doing line-in recordings and I need something portable. After realising that my laptop (using Realtek ALC892) could do only 16bit/192khz recordings, I decided to research more and had the following options.

Option 1: Portable Recorder (Zoom H2n)

24bit 96k vs 24bit 192k converters

I'm buying a new converter and interface for my MixDream hybrid DAW system and a modest attempt in mastering that I call polishing at this point.
I need 16 IO and an interface. The Prism ADA-8RX or less expensive RME are in the running for me.
I mention mastering because I know you guys are the end result and could save me grief. You may have some for-warned advise that I should hear before I make the plunge.

Record at 24bit - 48KHz = play back is sharper


Does anyone know why this happens: e.g. I record a note (D) on my flute at 24bit - 48KHz, it plays back as the same note in Cubase 4 LE then when I mix the track down to 16bit - 44KHz and play the new .wav file in windows media player or VLC the sound is much sharper in pitch nearly a F.

I dont know why this is happening. . I use a sm58 + Lexicon Alpha studio to record audio (as recommended here 'and I love it' ).

Creating 24bit CDs, Masterlink, only option?


Hi all,

I have a knowledge problem.

I have been recording in a Boss BR900CD and it records in 24 bit. I've done 2 tracks for a friend of mine and she is going to put them on her forthcoming debut album. Obviously I'm relatively new to recording.

She recorded most of the album at a commercial studio here in Ireland. The studio wants to mix the tracks and needs them as 24bit. I'm not sure how to give them a CD of 24bit tracks.

How to correctly convert a 24bit master to 16bit?

Hi all,
I've been lurking around here a lot, but now have a question of my own. With a recent project, I decided to mixdown to 24bit/44khz, instead of 16bit/44Khz which is what I have done in the past. After mastering the audio, I was puzzled by this sharp harsh sounding noise i'd get when playing back the file and boosting around the 16khz area.

Cubase 32bit or 24bit ?

I have bought an M-Audio Delta44 to use with Cubase to increase recording clarity/headroom etc. I assumed the best setting then was to record at 96k/24 bit as per the spec of the card.
To maximise quality in clean tracks and resolution of reverb plugins (which still sound muddy) should I be using 32bit float?