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sample rate conversion

24bit 88.2khz or 24bit 96khz?

Hi guys,

Just upgraded my studio with a brand new Focurite liquid Saffire 56 and an Octopre MkII.

With every changes to my gear, I try to better myself. I band project is coming soon, they're gonna track in my studio and mix and master at another place. So, I need to export wave files at there best.

With my last setup (with m-audio delta cards) I used 24bit 44.1khz because it was hard to get a low latency tracking otherwise.

24bit/192khz Line-in Recording: Portable Recorder or Laptop + Creative Sound Blaster

Hi! I am interested in doing line-in recordings and I need something portable. After realising that my laptop (using Realtek ALC892) could do only 16bit/192khz recordings, I decided to research more and had the following options.

Option 1: Portable Recorder (Zoom H2n)

24bit 96k vs. 24bit 192k converters

I'm buying a new converter and interface for my MixDream hybrid DAW system and a modest attempt in mastering that I call polishing at this point.
I need 16 IO and an interface. The Prism ADA-8RX or less expensive RME are in the running for me.
I mention mastering because I know you guys are the end result and could save me grief. You may have some for-warned advise that I should hear before I make the plunge.

Record at 24bit - 48KHz = play back is sharper


Does anyone know why this happens: e.g. I record a note (D) on my flute at 24bit - 48KHz, it plays back as the same note in Cubase 4 LE then when I mix the track down to 16bit - 44KHz and play the new .wav file in windows media player or VLC the sound is much sharper in pitch nearly a F.

I dont know why this is happening. . I use a sm58 + Lexicon Alpha studio to record audio (as recommended here 'and I love it' ).

Creating 24bit CDs, Masterlink, only option?

Hi all,

I have a knowledge problem.

I have been recording in a Boss BR900CD and it records in 24 bit. I've done 2 tracks for a friend of mine and she is going to put them on her forthcoming debut album. Obviously I'm relatively new to recording.

She recorded most of the album at a commercial studio here in Ireland. The studio wants to mix the tracks and needs them as 24bit. I'm not sure how to give them a CD of 24bit tracks.

Lowest acceptable bitrate for streaming?


I just came across this forum and looks like there's lots of great info here.
Hopefully I'm posting in the right forum.

I was wondering what is the lowest acceptable bitrate I could use
to stream musicians music without compromising the quality too much.

I have a membership site that allows musicians to upload and stream music
and managing bandwidth is a priority.

When a musician uploads a song, no matter what bitrate they upload we'll


ok, so I've always coverted my sh*t to constant bitrate 320kbps 44khz

variable just didn't sound like it would be better because I associate the word with being inconsitent.

but I decided to look into it today for the hell of it and read that variable is actualy better quality and only choose constant bitrate if you want to keep the file size smaller. .

How to correctly convert a 24bit master to 16bit?

Hi all,
I've been lurking around here a lot, but now have a question of my own. With a recent project, I decided to mixdown to 24bit/44khz, instead of 16bit/44Khz which is what I have done in the past. After mastering the audio, I was puzzled by this sharp harsh sounding noise i'd get when playing back the file and boosting around the 16khz area.



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