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My first look at Magix Independence sampler

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8 years 9 months
I'm not using samples and vsti very often since my studio is oriented at recording real instruments but with some solo artist, I sometime have to dig into my arsenal.
So this is my first look at Magix Independence Sampler

Let me know what you think.. I may do a second video with deeper exploration of the options ;)

Trying to record into SP404sx with my RØDE NT1

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4 years
Hey there,

I'm trying to record directly into my sp404sx with a RØDE NT1 microphone through my Scarlett 2i4 interface (using Ableton as a DAW). Currently I am succesfully getting signal, however, I am only getting signal on one side in the SP404. Any help would be much appreciated, being able to record straight into my sampler with the RØDE NT1 would greatly improve my workflow. (I need to use the interface so as to transit phantom power to the mic. Otherwise I would use the actual mic line on the SP).


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9 years 1 month
Good morning,

I am going to buy for the first time a few sound libraries. I am reading that all of them need a sampler such as HAlion, GigaStudio, Kontakt and so on.
I have Cubase Le Al Elements 6 and also use Max-Msp. Is it possible to read sound libraries with one of these two softwares?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi-hat bleed (not samplers) is killing the drummer profession in the studio

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9 years
Hi I work in a recording studio. Each time I record and mix a drum, I find myself spending more brain energy figuring out hout to make the drums sound as good as a sampler track without having too much hi-hat in the mix. This is sad. Drummers sound better and play better then computers, but the hi-hat bleed issue makes many producers and engineers think twice about going through the trouble of recording drums for a project. Sometimes the recorded drums dont sound as good as the drum machine track in the mix, the reason being hi-hat bleed in the snare drum.

A good recent VST instrument/synth/sampler pack?

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10 years 6 months

I want to buy a decent and recent VST instrument/synth/sampler pack that has a good size library and some quality sounds
I'm looking at Native Instruments Komplete 8, but I'm wondering.. are there any better/cheaper/smaller alternatives?
I tried Komplete 7 and I thought FM8 (?) was good. Maybe also because of the way you browse through styles etc. to get the right sounds
A lot of what I see around is somewhat old. And I guess I don't need that huge library and various modules that comes with Komplete8

popping/clicking on bass track akai sampler

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9 years 7 months
Can somebody else with an akai sampler (s950) please tell me why I am getting popping and clicking sounds when I assign my bass sound to an individual output? I tried adjusting the key filters and other settings on the envelope but no luck. It's really holding back my progress. I thought it was my recorder but turns out its not. Thanks in advance for the input.

Best platform for huge samplers?

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21 years 2 months
I recently bought EW/QL Goliath, and pianos. Both pretty much require that I use 192Khz, if I want to hear the recording as I play it. Cubase tops out at 96khz, and to boot won't let me adjust the sample size. Anywho, anyone else using these huge samples, and plays the keyboard well enough for the latency to really bother them? What did you do?

I get 20 ms, and I need more like 10 or 12 max to feel comfortable as if it were a real piano or synth.


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21 years 2 months

been waiting for this mother for close to a year now, had a PC configured just for the thing, am running two macs at present. Is the X3 available in
the states/ US . because it is not in the UK yet. Not even a 2009
NAMM video on youtube to look at...strange. Emailed Emu /Creative long
ago, got no response...please give me some info from across the pond or
phone numbers for people at Emu UK Cheers.

mpd16 with Ableton live impulse sampler

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21 years 2 months
hey, I'm just wondering how i can use all 16 pads in Ableton live (as opposed to the 8 offered in the impulse sampler)

ive tried setting 2 midi tracks and such, but my utility software doesent seem to let me split my pads 8-8 into 2 different midi channels.