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Tuning a snare electronically

Hello, I'm a pop producer and most of the time use MIDI for my productions, especially my drums. There was a particular snare that I heard from a YouTube video online that I would like to learn how to duplicate on my own. Is there a way I can tune a similar sounding snare in Logic Pro to match what I heard in the video, or should I just keep digging online for a snare sample that sounds closer to what I want? If there is a way to do it in my DAW, what would you do to achieve that? EQ?

Roland CR78: Vienna bass and snare

As I teach myself to be a better sound engineer on my home setup, I'd like to turn the weedy Roland CR78 samples I've transferred to my Steinberg Groove Agent into something a lot more powerful-sounding. This is a useful exercise in EQ and FX for me. So far, I've done rather poorly - the bass drum in particular just sounds worse.

On Ultravox's 1980 recording of Vienna, the drum machine has been massively beefed up, better than I've heard it on any other track. What did Warren Cann and Conny Plank do to that machine to make it sound so punchy? I'd welcome ideas.

What Drum Machine is this Snare from? Often in Trap genre. (song reference in description)

Hello all;
I have a fairly simple question, though am having trouble finding the answer. So, I thought I'd ask on a forum.

I hear this snare a lot in Trap. What Drum Machine creates this snare?

Here is a song that has it. (mind not the song, if its your vibe or if it aint is not relative to the question.) It appears first in the initial snare roll and can be heard throughout.

kick mic on snare

I'm thinking to myself how much i hate the snare sound on most recordings. too bright, too snappy, sounds like a tin can.. etc.

so pensados fb page asked about snare mics and one or two people like using kick/bass mics. I'm gonna try it regardless but I'm wondering:

what are your thoughts?
ever done it? over or under?
what were the results?

Donny's Snare Samples, Free :)

I recently recorded some replacement snare drum tracks for a client to use as an alternative to a bad sounding VSTi snare sample that he was using on a song.

I figured I would make them available here for free to anyone who feels like they might be able to use them.

These aren't loops. These are single hit samples, so it'll take some time for you to drop these hits onto a track timeline.

They aren't really anything special or worth bragging about, simple snare tracks, recorded in my studio - which - LOL - ain't exactly Abbey Road. ;)

fat '80s snare sound


I've been trying to get the fat, long snare sound used in the 80's for a while now but with no success. Like when listening to queen - to much love will kill you, how do you get that kind of sound? I understand that most of it is in the snare itself with depth and size. I've got a pearl export stell snare that i think is 14x5,5" with evans power center reverse dot tuned low and a evans resonant skin bottom tuned higher. Is it possible to get the sound with this or does it need to be a wooden snare?

Channel Robot release Solid Snare : Drumagog Library

Channel Robot announce the immediate availability of Solid Snare:Drumagog, their first Solid release for Drumagog owners. Solid Snare features a meticulously recorded set of samples from 116 different snare drum instruments, recorded in 24-bit wav files, at 8 different velocity layers, and including 5 variations for each velocity layer(round-robin). A total of 40 wav files for each instrument.