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Soundproofing wood shed... worth the effort and cost?

Hi folks! New to forum here. Before I begin, please know I've searched forums & threads far and wide on the topic of soundproofing sheds but just had some questions I've never seen fully answered, as well as having bought and read the Gervais build-your-own-studio book.

I've got a 12' x 10' x 10' gable roof wooden shed, elevated a few inches off ground. I'm moving to the location where it's installed, not there currently. I'll outline my basic soundproofing plan before my questions:

- Acoustic sealant to all crevices/corners before adding drywall

Soundproof your bedroom at the flick of a switch:

Soundproof your bedroom at the flick of a switch: Elastic tubes that can be built into walls turn sounds on and off at will
  • Helices of elastic created a material that acts as an on/off switch for sound
  • Leaving the material uncompressed allows audible sound to pass through
  • Compressing the elastic 'springs' reduces this noise by 30 decibels

Soundproofing for rehearsal space/project studio

I am converting a garage/basement into a rehearsal space/project studio.

We won't be playing any very low frequency/loud instruments at all, ever in this space. No bass amps, kick drums etc.
It will be acoustic instruments, vocals, some piano, strings and probably no more than 3 players at a time.
We will be using it to rehearse, record/mix some demos/pre-production stuff and for listening

Soundproofing and Ventilation in a UK Garage Home Studio - Please Help!

Good Evening All and Hi from the UK


First of all may i say thanks for looking at this thread and any information shared will be greatly received.

I came across this website after purchasing Mr Gervais excellent book and before i decided to post a new thread i searched after some info i required but couldn't seem to find what i'm looking for so here goes. Get yourself a strong coffee before reading on.


My ghetto way of soundproofing... worthwhile?

So first of all, I record in the corner of a room facing away from the wall. And before I tried doing any kind of sound proofing I noticed in my recordings that I could hear a slight echo of my vocals (it sounded like I was recording in a room, which obviously I don't want, it's rap vocals btw). To prevent this I stacked up three sets of totes about chest high and it's shaped like this: [_]

acoustic and soundproofing solutions

hi, im a student studying music technology in Wales UK.
im currently writing an essay and my task is to theoretically convert my bedroom into an studio production studio but concentrating on soundproofing and acoustically treating as the main topic.

im looking for publications that refer to semi pro budget setups and techniques for sorting out my room. any good ones anyone knows of?

also, anyone here ever done this?

Soundproofing advice


I wonder could somebody please offer some soundproofing advice. I have just moved home and have a podcasting set up in my 'office'. The room is about 8'x8' with not a great deal of furniture in it.

I have a desk, studio monitors, mixing desk with two mics and the computer.

When recording with 1 mic there's a bit of 'echo' or bounce from the walls, but it's not too bad. However, when recording with two mics it's very noticeable and it sounds almost like a bad reverb effect.

A Portable Soundproofing Idea - Need Opinions.

Hi there

This could have been posted on the Studio Construction board but it relates more to home studio stuff I guess.

Although I'm currently using a DI to go through my preamp for guitars and bass, I would also like to record straight from several combos I have using a mic up against the speaker in order to get different varieties regarding sound. However, I do not want to make enemies of my neighbours and have been thinking of various ways around this.