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choose between Soundtracs Topaz 32 vs soundcraft ghost

Please forgive my english cause' it might sound totally broken.
Apparently, i'm a music producer in thailand(not a successful one though) who wants to buy a used analog console and now i found myself standing in between the ghost and Topaz 32, they're both the same price about 3,000$ and pretty same conditions I think.
which one should I buy?

cheap console... Ramsa? Soundtracs?

Hey all, wonering if you all could hip me to some info on the Ramsa WR-t820 desk.
I heard they (Ramsas in gerneral) are pretty cool for the price, any one have any comments?
I've been looking at the older soundcrafts (6000, 1600 etc) and Soundtracs Topaz desks as well.
Would these be good value for having a bunch of pres and eq's? ( i want to have a console for monitoring and maybe mixing out of ythe box)

So what do yall think?


can somebody help me with some info on old Soundtracs mixers. i cant find anything on them because they seem to be just digital desks now. the site has nothing on old gear.
I'm looking at a MR 32 channel desk. anybody know about these. what would be a fair price?