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I currently own a Scarlett 18i20 and am using my iPad or faders on a Novation SL MKII to control Ableton Live and [=" Logic[/]="… Logic[/]. I'd love more control over the faders and more general DAW control from my hardware.
I've been looking into getting a [[url=http://="http://www.Behringe… Behringer[/]="http://www.Behringe… Behringer[/] X32, hoping this may make my Scarlett 18i20 redundant and act as a controller at the same time. The first concern is the price and the size, but it looks like it ticks a lot of boxes for me. Does it provide all the DAW control you'd get from a standard MIDI controller? I was even considering a SSL Nucleus for its feature set but again the price is ridiculous. The yet to be released http://www.Behringe… Behringer[/]="http://www.Behringe… Behringer[/] X-Touch looks intriguing but only has 9 faders.
I really want to be able to use 16 faders at once for some of the projects I'm working on, and all the controllers I've found seem to only have a maximum of 8. Having got used to the display on the SL MKII which shows me what the faders are controlling, it would seem a step back to be moving a fader and not see what it's doing on the hardware. Is there a controller under £800 that I've missed that ticks my boxes?
The other thing I've noticed about the X32 is that it doesn't seem to have 1/4" inputs on the back apart from the AUX channels. Is plugging a guitar into a mixer a thing of the past or do they expect you to have 1/4" to RCA cables or some kind of adaptor? When recording into the X32, does it act in the same way that a Scarlett 18i20 would in terms of getting the input levels right without clipping etc?
Thanks in advance