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spl audio

8 x SPL Premiums MicPre's in 500 rack


The Premiums are SPL top mic preamps . They are loaded with Lunduhl trannies both in and out, plus these ones have the secondary out for redundant tracking etc. If you are looking for 8 pre's in a rack, these are amazing for drums and other acoustic tracking projects.
I'm giving this 8 channel rack away for $3200 USD paypal only. They retail for $750 each and that doesn't include the rackpack worth another $1350, which is the big ass rack and PSU used for the Neos.
This is a $7300 pre rack. You can switch out for other SPL rack products too..

SPL PASSEQ hardware version? any users out there with an opinion?

been hmmming and hawwwwing over this for about year now I'm looking for another passive eq, i have a minimassive and a massive passive i find those two worlds apart. the massive has serious heft and i find it coloured in a good way but doesn't work for everything. the mini is my favorite eq bar none its just quite limited. any one use the SPL PASSEQ for mastering duties. Noah Mintz at lacquer channel was using one and loved it, however another engineer there i know much better said it was to be avoided, as it was rather soft.

SPL Premiums Mic Pre for parallel tracking


I have added 8 SPL Premiums Mic Pre's to my mic preamp arsenal… RackPack 8: Sound Performance Lab. Other than sounding truly wonderful, they have two line outs that could be used for a variety of things including parallel tracking (note: I believe this option is only available on the 500 series model).

SPL MasterBay S - The S-Class Patchbay

Looks like SPL is making something similar to the Dangerous Liaison, Check it out:

SPL MasterBay S - The S-Class Patchbay

Traditional patchbays are very useful to distribute signals. However, when it comes to mastering, many engineers wish they had more flexibility: even for experienced users a simple comparison of different processors or processing paths can become a nightmare.


SPL MTC 2381 Monitor & Talkback Controller

Just thought I'd mention that I've been using the SPL MTC 2381, Monitor Talkback Controller for a year now and it is excellent. I'm really happy I bought it and highly recommend it. It does exactly what its supposed to do and the sound quality is excellent."Stereo volume, source and monitor control with cue mixing and talkback functions"