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Signal loss using Y-splitters ?

I started recording using a 2-channel audio interface. If I connect XLR Y-splitters to each input, will there be loss of signal strength or any other odd happenings, or can I assume that I'll be able to get 4 inputs of the same quality as original. I realize it won't be 4 separate channels and just 4 inputs, 2 channels.


In wireless microphones, a device that divides an RF signal into two or more equal signals while maintaining the desired impedance at the input and outputs. For live audio applications a splitter functions in much the same way for providing signal feeds to both the console and to a recording device.

output splitter

I was using a friend's mixer to route my output signal to powered monitors as well as to a standard home stereo. My friend needed his mixer back. Is there any budget alternatives to listen route my signal to the monitors and to the stereo speakers? Somewhere around $50 USD?

Some kind of Y-cable?
Monitor management device?
Some kind of aux-box?


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