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Passive Monitor Controller- Take 2

Some time ago, I sold my Crane Song Avocet (which was awesome). I was doing less and less music work and more and more electronics, so it was time to simplify. I built a very simple completely passive monitor controller with just the bare minimum features. It was just for me, so it was not pretty but functional. It has a stepped attenuator, polarity, L& R mutes and Mono.

Barefoot MicroMain45

Barefoot Sound is proud to introduce our newest studio monitor, the MicroMain45. Featuring the same signal path, amplifier and driver technologies as our flagship MiniMain12, the MicroMain45 is stripped down to the bare essentials in order to deliver renowned Barefoot resolution and translation at a more affordable price.

monitor volume control

hey everyone-

just picked up a pair active monitors, and am looking to build a simple passive volume control for them. Running 1/4" balanced TRS out of my interface into the monitors currently. Don't want to use the software master faders, as I'll lose the all important bit-depth of my digital audio when I have the fader dialed down...:mad: