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Passive Monitor Controller- Take 2

Some time ago, I sold my Crane Song Avocet (which was awesome). I was doing less and less music work and more and more electronics, so it was time to simplify. I built a very simple completely passive monitor controller with just the bare minimum features. It was just for me, so it was not pretty but functional. It has a stepped attenuator, polarity, L& R mutes and Mono.

Attenuators with transformer preamps, a good idea ?

Hi gang,

You know I own a few Focusrite ISA preamps. I'm considering buying a few attenuators to allow me to drive the transformer a bit harder and try to pull out a bit more mojo.
I currently record tracks with a peak range between -18db to -10db (on the preamp and on the DAW).

monitor volume control

hey everyone-

just picked up a pair active monitors, and am looking to build a simple passive volume control for them. Running 1/4" balanced TRS out of my interface into the monitors currently. Don't want to use the software master faders, as I'll lose the all important bit-depth of my digital audio when I have the fader dialed down...:mad:


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