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string buzz

Removing Guitar String Buzz with software

In many of my recordings (mostly quieter or acoustic songs) there is a good amount of string buzz that is unrelated to the playing and simply comes from the string rattle getting picked up by the pickup or mic.

I can live with the noise, but would rather have the option to minimize it.

I'm wondering what a good way to go about removing and, more likely, lessening this is. I've tried some EQ'ing, but it hasn't done as good of a job as I'd hoped.

Dealing with acoustic guitar string buzz

Recording an acoustic gtr (Takamine) w/capo that has a healthy string buzz and pick noise. The player wants stereo image and an intimate, close-mic sound. I'm having trouble finding a spot that's not accentuating pick noise or string buzz. I tried every mic set up I could think of. I'm using a pair of MK102 but I tried SR77's and a Brauner Valvet/Dragonfly combo as well with no luck. The guitarist plays pretty hard and I've suggested: