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studio projects

Studio Projects VTB-1 mic/instrument pre

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8 years 9 months
A couple years ago, a friend of mine traded me a Studio Projects VTB1 Mic Pre for an M-Audio USB 4 channel Midi i/o I had laying around. ( I have plenty of midi I/O options, I wasn't using the M-Audio anyway, so I thought it was a fair trade).

A few years have gone by since, and with the exception of making sure it worked and passed audio, I haven't really used it - after testing it, I put it back in its box and into the closet she went.

Studio Projects C4s ROCK!

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14 years 7 months
Just wanted to say, I'm using these for the first time tonight and I am loving them on a Martin Acoustic. They sound very natural without all the boomyness of my other larger diaphram condensers I used to have to use (I just didn't have anything else). Cant wait to try these out as drum overheads. For $200 a piece or a little less, well worth it. I was so worried that I was going to mispend my precious money but I think that this was a good buy. Just wanted to pass that along for anyone else looking for affordable SDCs.

the ol studio projects c1

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16 years 9 months
so i've been using the studio projects c1 for about 5 years or so, love it. have tried to replace it with a ksm27, blueberry, and groove tube gt66. and frankly i've since sold the blueberry (always needed extra eq with it), ksm27 was always boring for 99% of vox. and gt 66 was ok but never stuck out for me either. the c1 has always sounded great to me and stuck out in the mix. but i'm sick of hearing it on all my recordings... anyone else have that problem? its the same with my drum overheads. i've used the same akg sd condensers for about 7 or 8 years now. and am too stubborn to change...

Studio Projects C4 mic for acoustic guitar?

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21 years
I record a lot of acoustic guitar in my home studio. I currently switch between an AT4040 and an SM57. The 57 sounds, well, like a 57 - a bit chunky for guitar. The AT4040 has a slight kick in the low mids that make my guitar and mandolin sound a bit boxy. I usually have to EQ it out. So, I'm looking for an additional mic for acoustic guitar/mandolin/fiddle mic'ing.

I'm also interested in getting a new match pair of condensers and was gravitating towards the C4s.

AT4040 vrs AT 4050 vrs Studio Projects T3

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21 years
Hey everyone, been researching this last night and today.

The AT 4050 seems cool but I already have a multipattern mic(AKG perception 400)... so my main question is, is the 4040 the same thing just without multiple pickup patterns?

Plus, what is the general opinion of the T3 vrs the AT mics?


edit: by the way, with any luck I am going to be running whichever of these mics I choose through a UA LA-610.

Rode NT1A or Studio Projects C3

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21 years
hi there!
Love these forums, helps me out big time.
Now this one:
I am doing voice over stuff and record via a Rode NT1A through a VTB1 hooked on a Finalizer.
Now I wanto buy a Studio Projects C3 and use the same setup. Reason for buying the c3 is that I have heard a lot of good things compared with u87.
Would one hear the difference or can shall i just beef up the NT1A through the Finalizer.

So in general: is it easier to use an EQ to come to results or does a new mic do the job?

Paul from the Netherlands