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Trying to use my Active sub with active monitors

Hi all,
My power amp has blown, so I'll be getting some near gear, and was hoping to be able to use my sub in my new setup.
At the moment, it's
Audio interface (Which needs to be replaced as not working with Windows 10) ---> Power amp ----> Subwoofer (PSB Image subsonic 6) -> Tannoy reaveals PASSIVE monitors.

How to solve rumbling on the stage caused by Subs?

Hello experts,

Jarjar here. Misa confused about Subs causing rumble on the stage.
I worked as stage hand to a concert last week. They had problems with this rumbling movement caused by the subs. The subs were positioned in front of the stage, piled in 6 pairs, so there were 12 subs in total. But the vibration the subs caused was annoying for the musicians on stage.


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