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Mytek and Focusrite World Clock. Sync via S/PDIF vs BNC cable ?

So I just topped my credit card again, to buy a Mytek ADC 96
My plan is to connect my Focusrite ISA two to the Mytek, then the mytek to my Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 via spdif.
I also have a Octopre which is connected to the saffire 56 via ADAT.

I read the Mytek has a good clock so I want it as the master clock.

Focusrite Octopre platinum 8 w/ dyn Sync issues

I have the octopre as master to the 003 through light pipe. Its all set up right. I know it is! Just replaced the cable also. problem I'm having is the octopre is very moody as far as the sync. Its locking but then in the middle of my session today the sync went bad. Gave me a big blast of hell out of the monitors and wouldnt sync immediately after that. Always more crap in the channel.

Melodyne sync problems with Cubase 5

Hi! Recently upgraded to Cubase 5 and now have Melodyne.

But Melodyne and Cubase won't sync on playback. Xfer to Melodyne via the Bridge in Cubase seems no problem - great quality, low CPU load, multiple tracks sync together. But they are all out of sync upon playback.

Even if I do no editing at all in Melodyne, they just won't play back in sync.

recording tricks of 1980's, MPC 60 sync fireface 800 to DAW vocals and guitar


Man do I need help here. I've tried to get used to using keyboards for creating drum track and I can't stand how slow and lame it is. I have excellent sounds, but the whole keyboard midi drum creation sucks to me. I am by no means a novice at programming. I earned a serious living in the 80's programming drums using Linn and MPC 60's.


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