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telephone effect

Telephone mic, for telephone effect

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Hey all I was just crazing thru Sylvia Massey's site, as I've been researching her recording techniques the past couple days, very interesting interviews w her, but anyway I saw this on a side bar, and I thought it was cool. Probably gonna make one as a "try to learn to solder again" project.


hardware to get telephone effect

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Hi Guys,

I recently watched Alice in chains unplugged and noticed Layne Staley using what looked like a small rectangular shaped metal device which he sang into and produced the "telephone/filtered" vocal effect straight from the unit. Its hard to see on the dvd. Does anyone know of such a thing?
Would be really handy, I know how to get this effect after the fact but having this device would allow the talent to work with it in real time getting a better performance for the part I think.



telephone effects and EQ settings

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Here's one that I like,

Radio Shack sells this thing to record conversation over the phone. It's a little adaptor that you insert between the phone and the hand-held part. It has an 1/8" mono output jack. It's cost about 20$ and you can switch the direction of the signal to record your answering messages directly into the phone bypassing the mic of the phone and the room noise that gets into it.
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