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What are your most transparent plugins?

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12 years 4 months
Ive been interested in transparent gear and processors lately, and just wondering what the most transparent pluggins are that your using. I think i would say the fabilter compressor, and ozone eq are probably mine. The fab limiter has a bit of a gloss to it to me I'm not sure if its as transparent as the ozone limiter but i do like it. I haven't used it yet but i think the softube Weiss comp/limiter/maximizer will probably be more transparent than ozone or fab.

Lucid R3-- transparent mic pre with optional jfet based harmonic drive

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14 years 8 months
Lucid R3-- transparent mic pre with optional jfet based harmonic drive. As well it has a tuneable high pass(5hz to 1khz), tuneable low pass(20k to 500hz), polarity,phantom power and de-pop circuit.

The power supply is a regulated LC filtered linear supply with emi noise filtering, surge and transient protection(+-18vdc and 48v). The phantom power has its own transformer to avoid pulling down the main rails when using older mics. The power supply noise is less than 1mv peak to peak.

Gordon best transparent pre for classical?

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16 years 2 months
Has anyone used Gordon preamps for recording classical ensembles
(or other acoustic music)? Some forum members have implied that it might represent a new, better sounding innovation in transparent preamp technology. Any opinions on how it would compare to a Crookwood, etc?

Transparent pres. Any suggestions?

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16 years 4 months
Hi everybody. I have to upgrade my studio and I'm thinking of a couple of channels of pres. I'm really in love with transparecy, so I like the clearness of the True Precision 8, John Hardy or Benchmark. Not the Neves 10... series (yet).

I'm just looking for 4 channels so I can't buy the Precision 8 because I would need converters too but If I could find something for that "price per channel" I would be ready to go. I mean: 4 cristal clean channels for about 1000 or 1400 dollars (since the Precision 8 is given for an amazing $2200 list price).

Transparent preamps

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21 years 2 months

I'm in need of a really transparent preamp. As I mentioned in the MKH 20 thread I have read very serious tests of the Earthworks preamp, and i know that it is (very very close to) audibly transparent. But it's still IMO pretty expensive. What other similar and less expensive products are there on the market? Note that I'm not interested in "sweet" or "nice" sounding preamps, I want it as transparent as it gets.

Need help finding a transparent compressor

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21 years 2 months
i'm loking for a compressor,mainly for vocals and i'll probably be going straight in with the compression
i'm looking for something audible, if anyone would know something suitable for blues and hip hop vocals, that would be a plus

i get pretty friggin good quality, but the lack of a compressor, has me going nuts...