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Troubleshooting new setup

Hey guys, instead of calling it bad luck, I'm calling it an opportunity to learn.

I scooped one of those "beginner all in one" guitar / amp kits a couple days ago, where the whole thing is in a box, with picks etc etc. It's a first act brand and was $85 total.

The guitar is surprisingly decent (for the price) and even the strap pins on the guitar are wide enough to hold the economy strap decently.

Troubleshooting a Tascam 22-4 playback issue

I owned this reel-to-reel machine from when I purchased it new years ago. I want to restore it.
One issue I'm having is when playing back recordings I'm not getting audio out of track one. The VU meter shows audio is present. Other tracks are fine.
If anyone can provide some tips to for finding the root cause of failure that would be appreciated.

Garageband Troubleshooting

Hi friends!

I've been using ART sub dual tube pre and garageband (10.1.0 now).
My problem is that the DAW doesn't recognize the signal i'm feeding it. I've checked that the system preferences and DAW preferences and everything seems to be in order. (I tried using the built in microphone setting as well and thats fine too. )
I've plugged unplugged the devices, restarted the programs and computer and threw in a little prayer.
I've only encountered this problem once.

Any ideas how to fix it?
Thanks, much appreciate!

Troubleshoot Mackie 32x8 Master Section

We removed the Master section of Mackie 32x8 board for cleaning. There are two 7 pin (Power?) connectors that are interchangable and I managed to reverse them. Now, of course, the mixer does not work. Lights on the channel strips are on but the Master Section is dark. Any ideas what can be done to repair the mixer or at least start troubleshooting?

PreSonus Firestudio Troubleshooting

I have 2 Firestudio Projects hooked up to Behrskhg98y4winger powered speakers. Recently, the overall volume has significally decreased in the left channel. I am ruling out the monitors, because it affects the headphone outputs too. I messed around in the Universal Control settings, Windows Settings, Sonar settings, and ASIO settings.

Not sure where to turn to next.

Thank you for any help!

Deciding what way to troubleshoot background hiss or grounding problem...

So, I have been working over the past couple of years intermittently trying to record both my guitar, and lately my voice, using my laptop and audio interfaces. I have always run into the same problem: background hiss and white noise. I have done this using Windows (XP, Vista, and now Windows 7 64-bit), as well as Cakewalk Music Creator and Reaper.

Nuendo troubleshoot question

I recently upgraded to an RME Babyface. For some reason I can't hear anything when I do a FILE > IMPORT > then select a sound to preview. I can see it is playing but I hear no sound. I have to import it to the timeline before I can even hear it. Where is the preview sound usually routed?

Also I wish Nuendo would enable people to make posts in their new forum, but there's no "post" button.

Nuendo 3.2.1
Windows XP

Troubleshooting Hum Problem

Just recently developed some subtle, yet ultimately crippling hum problems.

Specifically, my Seventh Circle preamps and my Demeter preamps are both humming a bit, 60 Hz style, and as I turn up the output levels, the hum increases. Even when I unplug inputs into these humming preamps, the hum remains. I suspect it's a ground differential issue with these two boxes, perhaps in conflict with my interface (MOTU 896HD), but I'm far from an electrical expert. FWIW, I borrowed my neighbor's API lunchbox which doesn't have that hum problem.


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