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CPU usage & Virtual instruments

To those of you using Diva, Omnisphere, Kontakt or other high CPU demanding virtual instruments.
What are your audio interface settings? And how does it work for you?

I have a brand new desktop win 10 pc with intel7 processor (6cores), 64gb ram and ssd/m.2 disks. I am using RME UFX (usb connection). Still I am experiencing cracks and pops and cpu overload when playing some (polyphonic) presets from Omnisphere or Diva. I usually have interface settings at 24bit 48Khz and buffersize at 256. But if I want to play these presets without any annoying pops I have to change settings to 16bit 44.1Khz and buffersize set to 2048.

Is this “normal” when using lots of vst instruments? Some settings I should think about tweaking to avoid these problems? Just throwing this out in hope for other peoples experiences with cpu usage with virtual instruments.

Need help finding a virtual instrument (percussion)


I'm new to this forum, but I'm fairly sure there are more than enough people here who could help me out. I'm looking for a percussion virtual instrument (preferably sampled for Kontakt, but any other will do) that gives the sound of mallets with fabric heads playing on toms hehe sorry if it sounds kind of funny, but I'm looking for that specific easy-pounding sound.

Any ideas?

How to record digital piano on pc, using virtual instruments?

I have Korg sp-250 digital piano, its has midi,audio in/out and 2x headphones.

I want to connect digital piano with PC and record myself with programs that have virtual instruments. Pianos, strings, drums, pads, etc... But for the most, I want to record piano (classical compositions). But, to have good quality sound, high mp3, wav,...with all effect, reverb, chorus, stereo, and so on? To be on lower scale of good quality.

So I need guide from start:

-what low budget PC I need,

- what low budget, lower line of good sound card,

-what program

-how to connect digital piano with PC,...

-it would be great if you can also recommend some low budget speaker, active.



Virtual Instrument suggestions wanted

I'm interested in upgrading my virtual instruments vis a vis Acoustic Piano sounds, Drum sounds & Orchestral. Right now I'm running Apple Logic on a MacBookPro w/Apogee's Ensemble as audio interface & have the Apple jam pack instruments, ultrabeat drummer, also I have Garritan orchestra which is not very impressive sonically.

1) What is the most realistic virtual drum program which is reasonably priced & fairly easy to use? (Lots of peeps seem to be using ToonTrack EZ Drummer)

2) What is the best virtual acoustic piano vis a vis the amount of disc space needed to store samples? (I'm doing everything on a laptop & tho I use external drive for audio files I'd prefer to keep virtual instruments on the internal harddrive. Ivory sounds great but requires a lot of room How are the piano modelers like Pianoteq?

3) Are there any realistic orchestral libraries that don't cost an arm & a leg like East-West? Which will give you the most bang for the buck?
Thanks, Brian

Horns virtual instrument for latin music

Hello experts,

Im looking for the best, most realistic sounding Virtual Instrument or sampler for Horns and wind instruments in general for latin music.

I want to make instrumental tracks for bands that get venues on low budgets and need to cut their payroll (beggining by their wind instruments). Ryhtms like salsa, merengue, latin jazz, songo, etc. Mostly trumpets, trombones, saxophones and flutes.

What instrument or sampler do you recommend?

I've been kind of away from the latin genre for a while so Im lost as to what level of reality have software instruments achieved in this neighborhood.

Thanks a lot!